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Monday, 09 November 2020 02:46

Welcome to The Chip Witch!

Welcome to The Chip Witch!

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After almost a year of development, we're thrilled to welcome you to The Chip Witch!

We have always felt that traditional astrology, while powerful and majestic, is no different than any other aspect of human life. That is, it expands, grows, and learns as we do. Not until relatively recent times did we know of the outer planets, yet when we did discover them, we also found that they fit in perfectly. We discovered, we learned, and we grew.

At the Chip Witch, we have computers and we use them. We have developed a more accurate calculation system for knowing where the planets are, where they're going, and making that information available. We also tap in to other data about our solar system, especially the daily activity of the sun. Its energetic nature is always in flux, sometimes quiet and sometimes quite active. We monitor and modify our output in real time. Your NASA and NOAA tax dollars at work!

Finally, we acknowledge that the Universe isn't a deterministic place. We tap into the quantum nature of nature and use real quantum noise generators to feed into what used to be a very slow and manual process. With this more modern source of randomness, we also eliminate personal bias and let the Universe speak in its own voice.

Interested in the most accurate and up-to-date retrograde information? See Retrograde Today, our real-time retrograde information page. We generate an overview daily as well.

Looking for the state of any planet or sign of the zodiac right now? Click on any of the planet or sign items at the top of every page.

The Chip Witch is your one-stop source for accurate, reliable and immediate data. Bookmark the pages that you use for your daily astrology needs.

The Chip Witch

The Chip Witch is the modern intersection of tradition and modern knowledge.

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